Apetamin Syrup Alternative

Apetamin syrup with all its benefits for weight gain comes with some serious side effects. It is always useful to know a like-for-like replacement of Apetamin syrup which may have less or no associated side effects and in general, have a healthful and safe-to-use recommendation than Apetamin.

Here we will discuss the safer and healthier Apetamin syrup alternatives, which can be in the form of other beneficial vitamins and supplements and have a more natural production approach. Before initiating the discussion for the replacement of syrup, let’s first discuss briefly why some people want to seek the alternative weight gain route.

Why consider Apetamin alternatives?

The ingredients for Apetamin are Vitamins, Lysine, Cyproheptadine Nicotinamide, etc., which are prescribed by nutritionists to people who need to increase their weight and suffer from malnutrition. The effectiveness of Apetamin syrup is as much as it will assist you with the weight gain of 2 – 3 kilograms in a week. It is also used by men and women for mass gain bodybuilding and curvy body figures respectively. There are actually some fundamentally associated reasons why the alternatives for Apetamin syrup are considered and are discussed below:

  1. Non-FDA approved – Due to some harmful side effects, Apetamin syrup is not approved to be sold by FDA meaning it is not permissible in the USA, UK, and some other notable countries. Because of illegitimacy, some people are very cautious to satisfy themselves of the after-effects of such medicines with the FDA’s disapproval on the top.
  2. Purchase copyrighted product – As the Apetamin syrup is not legal for sale, there are many online platforms where it can be purchased including social media. This raises the risk question of the registered company-based product whether it is fake or real to be purchased at all. Therefore, this is one of the notable reasons to choose an FDA-approved supplement that is freely available in pharmacies.
  3. Side Effects – Overuse of this syrup implies some harmful side effects even including death. The work focus is primarily affected as the initial use of Apetamin syrup gives dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and weariness including some others.

The alternatives will have side effects as well which do not fully eliminate the beneficial usage of Apetamin syrup itself, especially the effective weight gain it provides with proper dosage.

Alternatives to Apetamin:

The prime function of Apetamin and all the alternatives is to speed up the metabolism and restore the natural appetite or even increase beyond the required weight gain. Of course, the substitutes will work in a different manner than Apetamin. Now it is very important to note that the replacements themselves will have side effects and so they should be purchased after consulting with the certified Dietician or Nutritionist and prescriptions. Following are the 5 like for like alternatives:

  1. Amino 3000
  2. Appleton
  3. Creatine Powder
  4. Cypri Gold
  5. Whey Protein


The primary purpose of this and its alternatives is to trigger and energize the metabolism and appetite for both men and women. Of course, every manufactured supplement has alternatives that are also available and approved by FDA in the markets. The best advice is to consult a proper dietician and nutritionist prior to considering such medications as every body type behaves differently to different supplements and medications including this.

Besides the above, there are natural ways out there with which everyone can stimulate their appetites and gain a healthy weight. The regular use of dry fruits including walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, Cashews, almonds, and raisins, etc., boiled potatoes are a good natural alternative to Apetamin for weight gain and many mass-gaining bodybuilders use it for this purpose. These should be the obvious healthy weight-gaining choices in place of Apetamin-type supplements.

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